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An investment in the future

You can't manage what you don't measure

We are leveraging our history of innovation in sensor technology to adapt to and provide solutions for the next wave of environmental and energy challenges


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Proven history, strong vision

Why invest?

Right place, right time
Optimizing air quality while eliminating unnecessary heating and cooling through Demand Control Ventilation is a multi-billion-dollar North American opportunity.
Less is more
Management by Measurement of CO2 dramatically reduces energy costs and carbon emissions by correlating occupancy with ventilation needs.
We have the tools
Government legislation, corporate mandates and societal demands are driving an expedited move to introduce new energy efficiency technologies.
Track record
The company is utilizing experience and knowledge gained from more than 100 thousand installations of wired sensors since 2013 in Ikea stores, Lowe’s and Shoppers Drug Mart for example.
A recurring revenue model based on data collection and ventilation management is facilitated by the company’s new wireless sensor systems.
Motivated customers
Government or Utility green incentives will cover a substantial percentage, if not all of the purchaser’s capital costs.

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Airtest is publicly traded on the TSX under the ticker AAT

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