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Our sensor speaks your language

The AirTest TR-2000-DIGI is our multi-protocol network transmitter for CO, NO2 and Temperature Measurement.

Modbus RS485
LonWorks FT

Flexible and fully featured

Easily specify enclosed spaces with operating vehicles with our flexible sensor
  • Two digital gas channels
  • Baud rate adjustment
  • One digitel temp. channel
  • 5-8 year sensor life
  • Certified to UL2075
  • Low sensor drift

L.A. LIVE empowers sustainability with the TR-2000

Impressive reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and an equally impressive 2.8 year payback period


TR-2000 Sensors




Tonnes of GHG


Payback period
CO, NO2, and Temperature

One product, many spaces

See how our customers reduce energy consumption, shrink their carbon footprint and lower operating costs
Our projects
  • Parking garages
  • Vehicle service areas
  • Warehouses
  • Underground bases and tunnels

Which sensor is right for your space?

Enclosed spaces with operating vehicles
Enclosed spaces without operating vehicles
CO and temperature sensors
CO2, temperature, RH, dew point sensors
Demand control ventilation
Let's change the world

Sensors for sustainability

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