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Parking Garage Ventilation

Enclosed spaces with operational vehicles can be expensive to ventilate.

With many options for communication, installing AirTest sensors is a simple and cost-effective way to reduce your carbon emissions and maintain a high level of indoor air quality.
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Multi-protocol network transmitter for CO2, NO2 and temperature measurement


  • Intended for ventilation control in enclosed spaces with operating vehicles
  • BACnet® MSTP, Modbus 485, BACnet® IP and LonWorks® FT utilizing the Adesto6050 Smart Transceiver
  • Digital outputs of the TR2000 DIGI include carbon monoxide, temperature and NO2 from a remotely mounted AirTest TR3210-NO2
Electrochemical CO Transmitter


  • Electrochemical performance at a MOS (solid-state) price.
  • Two-wire, loop powered for easy integration with EMS & DDC Systems.
  • Five-year life vs. 18 months for most other electrochemical sensors
  • High accuracy sensor, within +/- 5% of measurement
Electrochemical Gas Sensor


  • Quality built, rugged, and accurate
  • Two-wire, loop powered for easy integration with building control systems
  • Features an economical plug-in replacement sensor element that minimizes long term operating costs
  • Now with Lonworks® Communication Option with % of range SNVT and discrete SNVT
Advanced Garage Ventilation Controller


  • Inputs for up to 32 or more AirTest analog sensors.
  • Versions for VFD or On/Off control
  • Easy to use color touch screen (VFD), or two-color display and keypad (on/off) provides operating status and user adjustments
  • Control set-points easily adjusted to local code requirements or operator preference
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